Language Technology Consulting:

  • Terminology Management
  • Language Standardization
  • Technical translation
  • Software Localization
  • Data Management
  • Automated correction of software source texts
  • Integration of terminology into Machine Translation & Artificial Intelligence
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Technical Writing (IT)

Do you need a well-organized translation and terminology process?
Do you miss consistent terminology in your documents and translations?
Are you looking for a terminology manager for a clean termbase? 
Are you struggling with SEOs?
Do you miss an automated correction of your software source texts on terminology and placeholders?

I am your interface to language service suppliers and the perfect cooperation partner to reach your quality and cost reduction goals. Contact me!


   Interface to the language service supplier of your choice
   Terminology management (extraction, research)
   Implementation of an efficient, cost-reduced translation process
   Implementation of terminology into Machine Translation
   Automated correction of software texts to improve quality and decrease costs
   Proofreading of technical texts
   Requirements Engineering for IT and software projects

Prices upon request

About me:

With 27 years of experience in bank, a large energy company and an SME - thereof 10 years in language technology and technical communication - I am a process and language quality expert in Machine Software Localization and terminology (Banking, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics and IT). I have profound knowledge in Requirements Engineering and Data Management.
My expertise grew in difficult circumstances: On the one hand, massive cost pressure and bottom-up approach in the area of language quality in an international corporation with a matrix organization, and on the other hand organizational challenges in an internationally expanding SME with strong automation efforts. I know the chances and pitfalls and am your perfect consultant.

Imprint / contact:

CH-8107 Buchs

Haimoud A.H.M.
AIO Amt für Informatik und Organisation, Zug
Holycowtravels, India